“Languages and species: two parallel systems”. Invited talk by E. Anagnostopoulou and M. Ladoukakis presented at the Biology Department colloquium “Darwin Mondays” (in Greek), June 20 2022.
  • Abstract: Languages spoken around the world change similarly to species. Darwin and his contemporary linguists had acknowledged that the two systems present striking similarities: like organisms, languages may descend from a common ancestor, change and diversify over time, or disappear while new ones emerge. These common processes result in an abundance of spoken languages (around 7000, currently) as well as an incredible number of different species. What makes these two systems parallel? What are the mechanisms that explain their similarities? How does the convergence of these two ostensibly unrelated systems affect research on a theoretical and methodological level? What new questions do their similarities and differences lead us to?

“Tracing language history. An interdisciplinary challenge.” Presentation by E. Anagnostopoulou during the ceremony of being awarded the “STELIOS PICHORIDES” award for Excellence in Academic Teaching (2021 - 2022), University of Crete, June 3 2022.

High school class on “Modern methods for exploring (pre-)history” delivered at the 3rd High School of Rhodes, as part of the History module, June 7 2021.

Presentation of the research project in the video “From the slightest clues: Unrestricted research in Science for the benefit of Society” (in Greek) presented at the online workshop by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation on the subject “H.F.R.I. – An independent pillar of support for unrestricted research: four years of operation”, March 29 2021.

“Modelling variation: Parameters”. Invited lecture by D. Michelioudakis at the graduate fall seminar by E. Anagnostopoulou MGLF 023 “Linguistic Typology and Parameters/ Morphosyntax”, December 5 2020.

“A brief comparison of the evolution of life to the evolution of languages”. Invited lecture by M. Ladoukakis at the graduate fall seminar by E. Anagnostopoulou MGLF 023 “Linguistic Typology and Parameters/ Morphosyntax”, November 10 2020.


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